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Project-29 is advancing cancer screening, diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring – in humans and companion animals.

Cancer is


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Aims to define 

What the cancer



Cellular changes in Metabolism

Proliferation, and Inflammation  define key activities in cancer.

Thymidine Kinase Type 1

C-Reactive Protein

Isotopic Copper 


Thymidine Kinase Type 1

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The deregulation of cellular energetics is a biochemical fingerprint of cancer.

Cancer changes how energy is produced, typically from OXPHOS to aerobic glycolysis (Warburg effect). However, cancer is a heterogenous disease and each cancer may behave differently or even switch as demands dictate.

Copper is essential for energy production and changing states may alter the stable, non-radioactive, isotopes 65Cu 63Cu. The ratio of these two isotopes δ(65)Cu provide insight into metabolic processes.

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Unchecked proliferation is a

hallmark of cancer.

Cell division is dysregulated. A proven marker of dysregulated proliferation is thymidine kinase, type 1 (TK1) that makes the nucleotide thymine via the “salvage pathway”.

TK1 is upregulated in proportion to rate of growth, overall tumor burden, and tumor grade.

High grade metastatic cancers create high levels of TK1, especially lymphoma.

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Cancer is an inflammatory disease.

Inflammation initiates and propagates tumor proliferation and metastasis.

Acute phase proteins such as CRP and Haptoglobin are elevated in cancer.

Blood Test

A Novel Blood Test

New Multi-Biomarker Blood Panel for Cancer Activity.

The power of multi-biomarker panels is well proven.

Independent metrics of a disease, when combined, help to improve sensitivity and specificity.

Combining the power of three unique features of cancer activity, allows for a powerful diagnostic panel AND new metrics for therapeutic monitoring.

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Current Investigators

Kim Selting

DVM, MS, DACVIM (oncology)

Associate Professor

Veterinary Clinical Medicine

University of Illinois

Kendra Pope


Prism Integrative Veterinary Health

Projects of


  • Validation in a wide range of tumor types

  • Biomarker-driven drug selection

  • Monitor disease remission & recurrence

  • Applications for early detection/intervention with diet & lifestyle changes

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